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Today, everyone's talking about mobile research. Panthera Mobile is shaping the conversation with innovative methodologies, powerful solutions, and compelling industry research. By providing powerful research methodologies in a mobile environment, Panthera Mobile has developed a recruitment technique for sought-after respondents who are constantly on-the-go.

The smart device consumer is the fastest growing segment of the population today. Mobile research tools give you the opportunity to address hard-to-reach audiences, such as youth, males 18-25, and customers who may not have ready online access via computers (in developing countries, for example), by engaging them on their preferred device.

Panthera Mobile is generating the largest mobile opinion network available for businesses like yours to gain the insight of a professionally developed research sample, at a significantly lower cost than traditional methods. Thousands of mobile smartphone device owners are answering surveys every day in exchange for incentives, and their responses provide businesses with the data needed to make successful products.

Panthera Mobile's growing social mobile network of survey takers provides companies like yours with the ability to generate data that expresses just what's on the minds of your consumers. With this market research data you can fine tune your business model, tailor your offerings to what they most desire, and succeed over your competitors. As our Panthera Mobile network continues to grow rapidly, we are able to provide you with specific target audiences to match your customer or prospect targeting criteria. Right now we can target teens, students, gamers, primary shoppers, and men or women only. We will continue to expand these unique targeting capabilities based on the needs of our clients.

The executive team at Panthera Mobile has been involved with Online Market Research since 2002. We have an experienced team ready to bid, manage and fulfill your survey via the mobile web using smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Interested in speaking with one of our experienced mobile research consultants? Please email us and we will contact you within a couple hours.

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