Advertiser Solutions

At Panthera Mobile, we simplify the mobile marketplace so advertisers can work with one Partner, saving time, resources and money. We offer solutions for all types of advertisers helping them increase sales and their bottom line. If you have an app, game, service or product that you want to promote directly to your customer's hands, Panthera Mobile can do it better with our advanced tracking system where you can easily reach your exact target market and achieve more accurate market segmentation.

Panthera Mobile offers Advertisers low-risk, targeted advertising on mobile devices and drive performance. Our unique ad-serving and tracking system ensures that your ads are seen by the right audience for optimal results. Our responsive and experienced account management team will help you overcome the challenges of campaign setup, media buying, and performance optimization. Start utilizing these powerful tools and watch your business grow right before your eyes!

Let our network of mobile sites, app developers and publishers drive high-volume, quality traffic to your campaigns! Our network consists of invite only top-tier publishers. Below are some of the highlights for choosing Panthera Mobile.

Performance-Based Pricing Model

Advertisers define the field data needed and pay a pre-determined price per lead, installation or sale generated. This pricing model guarantees you only pay for results.

Select Targeted Distribution

Panthera has partnered with the best top-tier publishers on the mobile web. Your offer can be promoted via the following mediums: banners, apps, downloads, search, and social media. If you are looking for a mobile network that has it all, you have come to the right place.

Free Account Setup

At Panthera Mobile, Advertisers will NEVER pay setup and/or monthly maintenance fees.

Fraud Management

Panthera Mobile is an invite only mobile publisher network. We have very strict screening criteria for inviting and approving publishers. Other networks approve every publisher who signs up. That method could create a tremendous amount of fraud and you, the Advertiser pay for it through bad leads and sales. At Panthera Mobile, each publisher is carefully screened BEFORE being approved. In addition, we watch the traffic on a continuous basis for any unusual activity, so you only pay for high-quality traffic.

Quick Setup Time

Your offer can be up and running on our network as soon as 72 business hours. We don't waste any time and you will be pleased by our quick turnaround.

Dedicated Advertiser Support

Each advertising client is assigned an experienced staff member to be its mobile web specialist. In addition, Panthera Mobile has experienced media buyers that identify the best mobile publishers in our network on which to place our clients' offers. Panthera Mobile handles all account management responsibilities such as link generation, creative distribution, reporting, payment and customer service needs.

Interested in speaking with one of our experienced mobile consultants? Please email us and one of our expert marketing consultants will contact you within two business days.